FORBES: Music Heals: MedRhythms Uses Music To Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

Amidst all of the chatter about music as it relates to business models, it can be easy to forget that music is unlike other "inputs" or assets that businesses utilize. This is true for all art forms, of course, but music - for a variety of reasons - dominates the conversations around the challenges of attempting to commoditize art.

I'm sure I speak for not only music fans, but also for those who work in the music business, when I say that music has value that far exceeds monetization. For many - myself included - music has saved their lives.

Amidst my contributions to the above-referenced chatter, I'd like to utilize this space to profile some companies who are using music to heal.

To that end, I spoke recently with Brian Harris HRS +1.5%, the CEO of MedRhythms. MedRhythms uses neurologic music therapy to treat those with neurologic injury or disease.

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