Millions of people lose language, cognitive, and
movement abilities each year.  

MedRhythms exists to bring them back by helping patients access the highest quality of care at the intersection of music, technology, and neuroscience.


MedRhythms is a neuro-rehab company that exists to restore the lives and quality of life of loved ones, which brain injury threatens to steal each year. We do this through world-class, life changing care for those afflicted by neurologic injury or disease, using the power of Neurologic Music Therapy.

MedRhythms focuses on this intersection between music, neuroscience, and technology, providing interventions to achieve optimum outcomes in sensorimotor, speech & language, and cognitive goals in patients.

The Impact

NMT is used primarily for those afflicted by neurologic injury or disease, including: Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime Over 2.5 Million people in the US suffer from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury each year. $28 Billion is spent each year on outpatient rehabiliation.

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We aspire to be purpose driven, committed to excellence, and autonomous. We aspire to be curious and effective. We aspire to be kind and transparent.

“We will use music to change the future of healthcare and neurorehabilitation.”

- CEO Brian Harris

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